Lindale Gourmet Mushrooms (MycoBio Ltd) is a ‘low-tech’ startup growing Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms for restaurants and farmers markets on the Kapiti coast and Wellington.


Founded by Jude Horrill and Brent Williams, we started the business in Feb 2018 after returning to NZ from 30 years overseas. We were looking for a business idea that would help us transition from the increasing madness of the corporate world and build something sustainable which we could eventually take ‘off grid’.


At this early stage Lindale Village is the perfect environment to see us grow. The location allows easy access to our main customers in Wellington, yet the rural/lifestyle setting is sympathetic to the vision of the business and our brand.  An added bonus is that the team at Lindale have done everything they can to find solutions and help ensure the success of our business especially at this critical early stage.


What we grow


Our current products include fresh:

  • Oyster mushrooms, both Pink and Phoenix (grey)

  • Shiitake


We soon hope to add Hericium aka Coral Tooth to our offering, which is similar to Lions Mane for those that who know about this important fungus.


Our vision


Our goal is to make available a food that tastes fantastic, is highly nutritious and has amazing health properties as well ...just google it!  We also want to offer restaurants a fresh option for their menus that appeals equally to carnivores and to the growing number of vegetarians and vegans, as well as people with other dietary needs.


On top of being a nutritional wonder food, gourmet mushrooms are highly sustainable to grow:

  • Uses minimal water

  • Requires no pesticides or chemicals

  • Use of growing mediums that would be considered waste products like cardboard or used coffee grounds

  • Small footprint. Requires little space, so can be grown in cities and close to consumers.


How we do it?


Unlike field mushrooms, which grow on compost and chicken poop, the mushrooms we grow would naturally grow on decaying trees like Oak, Hickory and Poplar - plus some conifers like spruce and fir. No dirt, manure or darkness is used in the making of our mushrooms!


We try to grow as naturally as possible indoors. Our method uses a hanging 9kg bag filled with Oak sawdust plus some Soy for nutrition. As far as our mushrooms are concerned, they are living happily in an old tree and just hanging around for the right conditions to fruit.


These conditions are created in grow rooms constructed from reused insulated shipping containers, lined with stainless steel. Here we set the temperature and humidity to that in south East Asia (it’s Bali in our grow) and allow 3-4 weeks to fruit, be picked, then taken fresh to market.


Where you can try and buy?


Our customers include local restaurants such as

  • the Front Room at Waikanae Beach and

  • Ortega's Fish Shack in Wellington.


We also sell direct at

  • Paraparaumu Beach Saturday Market and at

  • Harbourside market in Wellington.


Please follow us


On Facebook or Instagram for news on where you can find us at the markets, recipes, fascinating facts about this amazing food, cool photos ...or to just check out what we are up to.


If you made it this far ... and see us at the market ... then let us know and you will get free stuff

There are no retail sales on site but check their Facebook for which local market they'll be at next.



111 Main Road, North Paraparaumu 

Lindale, 5032


Brent +64 204 098 5657 



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